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How to Set Up Your Nintendo Switch

So, you’ve just bought your brand new Nintendo Switch and you’re already looking forward to opening it and playing your favorite video games. But you missed one important step, and that is the actual setup of your gaming console. In this article, we will tell you how to get your gamepad up and running and try playing it as soon as possible.

Instructions for setting up the Nintendo Switch

Connecting a console involves many steps, follow these instructions to do everything correctly, quickly, and efficiently.
• After unpacking the gamepad, attach the Joy-Con controllers to their handles
• The power button in the upper left corner of the screen must be pressed to start the nintendo switch box from the pop-up panel select the language in which you want to control the console and the region in which you live
• Agree to the end-user license agreement, pure formalities, and proceed to the next step by clicking the “next” button
• Select the Wi-Fi network you are going to use and enter the password to connect (if available)
• After entering the password, confirm your actions, then press + on the right controller, and when the connection to the wireless network has been made successfully, press “ok”.
• Set your time zone
• If you are going to play from a TV, select the “connect to TV” function, but if it’s not in a hurry now you can set it up later
• Disconnect both of your controllers with the unlock button on the back and pull them up
• Click “Next” and then “you’ll need the next one
• To set up the Docking Station on the Nintendo Switch you will see a small instruction on your screen, follow it to do so
• Follow the same instructions to connect your docking station to your TV and power source
• You will need the following” but make sure that your TV displays the correct HDMI input
• When you see the picture on your TV, your console is successfully connected
• After that, create a new user, select the icon that means you are the user and create an alias and confirm the action.
You can also add another user or set up parental controls. After all the aforementioned manipulations just press the “home” button and have a nice time!

Additional features of the Nintendo Switch

It may come as a surprise to some, but in addition to the standard game function on your console, you can do other things. For example:
• Watch YouTube – Watch YouTube from the Nintendo Switch just like you would from a smartphone or other gadget
• Nintendo Switch Online – This subscription allows you to play online games like Mario and Tetris 99 online games with other players. And you also have access to other free games for the NES and SNES. But this subscription is payable