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How to Become an Xbox Ambassador

Perhaps you have ever wondered how people become ambassadors in a certain area. It may seem difficult, but in reality, everything is much easier. In this article, we will look at the necessary criteria for the selection of Xbox ambassadors and also what you need to do to become one of them.

Who are the Xbox Ambassadors?

Xbox ambassador – This is a special program from the developers of Xbox and Microsoft, thanks to which ardent fans of the console can share their experience and help other users if they have problems with Xbox. This program is somewhat similar to the Microsoft MVP but differs in its social element. In other words, ambassadors are a group of people experts who can and want to share their knowledge in this or that Xbox problem.
This community can be compared to a support group, they help in those moments when the developers themselves may not respond. In the MVP Ambassador program, you need to be active and proactive to meet its high level. It is also a big responsibility as you need to think about and come up with really effective and working solutions to the error, and not just do it for the privilege of an Xbox Live account.

How do I join the Xbox Ambassadors Program?

You can join the Xbox Ambassador program in a few steps:
• First, you need to follow the special link to the ambassador’s website which you can find on the official Microsoft page
• Click on the “become an ambassador” button and go through the requirements checklist
• Next, you have to watch a video in which you are warmly welcomed by the entire Microsoft and Xbox team and given useful tips
• Go through a five-step crawl of the entire website and explore its intricacies, features, and location of all tabs
• Complete starting missions
• Join the Discord community and meet like-minded people, chat, share ideas and improve your services
• That’s all, then you do your job. Check out the news and share your advice on how to fix this or that problem.
What are the main requirements for Xbox when they select their ambassadors?
• You must be over 17 years old
• Have Gamerscore 1500 or higher
• Have a so-called “clean history” on your Xbox Live account for the past year

Ambassador Xbox privileges

While you are driven by good intentions and trying to help people around you who are faced with a problem to which you know the solution, your efforts are not discouraged. If you have a positive influence on the Xbox company, you earn XP and increase your level, and these units allow you to use physical and digital rewards later.
The main benefit is that you don’t have to pay for an Xbox Live Gold account if you’ve reached a certain level. And also you can participate in seasonal tournaments and prize quizzes.