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Difference between PS4 and PS5

Playstation 4 owners may be wondering: Should you switch your console to a new one? After all, the fourth version of the console is seven years older and when you upgrade to the new version, you will feel a huge difference in power. In this article, we will compare PS5 to PS4 in important aspects of their work and see if there is an urgent need to switch to another.

Comparison of PS5 and PS4 power

Of course, your PS4 model plays an important role in this comparison, since the Pro version is much more powerful than the original console and provides you with 4K games, and also has additional memory to switch between sentences without interruption.
At this time, limited edition ps5 is distinguished by some useful updates that are somewhat superior to any PS4 model. it has an individual SSD, which provides fast loading of games, and in addition to expansion in 4k format, it shows more than 120 frames per second. And in this aspect, it is far superior to the fourth version of the console.

What games are available on PS4 and PS5?

At the time of the release of PS5, all the games that are available on it were also available on PS4, including Call of Duty and Spider-Man and many other games that do not get worse if played on PS4.
Many game developers offer a free upgrade to the PS5 version if you bought the game on PS4. But when you play PS5 you get faster loading times and sharper graphics as a bonus.
Some games are supported exclusively on the fifth version of the console, such as Demon’s Souls and the built-in Astro’s Playroom game. So if you only want to play updated versions of games with improved characteristics, the PS5 is most likely more suitable for you, but if you are not in a hurry, PS4 reproduces games very well too.

Hidden problems

Although the PS5 proves to be superior in many ways to its older version, not everything is as smooth as it seems at first glance. You need to remember that a new console means new costs, and we’re not just talking about the price of the gamepad itself. Upgrades to the PS5 also require an investment, and you can’t hope for discounts on games when you launch the console. You’ll have to pay at least $50 for every game you want to buy.
So it’s worth thinking twice about whether you need something new when the old one still works fine. Plus, you can wait a couple of years and buy the PS5 at a good discount along with discounts on other games.

Is it worth buying PS5 over PS4?

PS5 has many advantages over PS4, this and better graphics and exclusive games and much more. But some factors make many PS4 users think, do I need it right now? Of course, if your old console is no longer copes with its task it’s time to buy a new one, but as long as it serves you smoothly change it is not necessary.